There are now some 75 million retiring baby boomers and half of them do not have life insurance.

Your market for life insurance prospects is  INEXHAUSTIBLE!!!



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Hello, my name is Jesse Garcia, and I wrote THE book for success after having sold millions of dollars in life insurance during my 41 year career in the life insurance business. The principles outlined in this book work! They have been tested over and over again over a period of four decades. Those that follow the instructions in this book can succeed and make a lot of money even in this down economy. You will learn how you can make a fortune within 3 to 4 years instead of ten or twenty years.





Whether you're an experienced life insurance agent or new to the business I believe that you will greatly benefit from reading this book. Let's face it, we can all learn some new ways of making more money, Right?


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Whether you sell traditional life insurance, term life, final expense or any other form of insurance, the principals are still the same. I personally have sold millions of dollars in final expense.You can make a ton of money in final expense.


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Best Wishes For Your Success

Jesse Garcia

Author & Million Dollar Producer




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To help my fellowman to the best of my God-given abilities.

To inspire, motivate and coach those who seek to improve their state in life for their own benefit and that of their families.


---Jesse Garcia







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"You can sit by the beach all day long and wonder how warm or cold the water is, but you won't know until you get in."

             ---Jesse Garcia


"No one can cheat you out of your ultimate success, but yourself."

      ---Ralph Waldo Emerson


"When you're passionate about what you do, success will follow."

---Robert Schuller


"If you want to unlock the vault to success, just keep turning the numbers."

---Jesse Garcia

















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